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The Men's Groomer

Days of Dirt Grooming Cream

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A hair grooming cream that gives dry, fluffy, frizzy, clean hair that immediate, lived-in look. Don’t let your hair look like crap after you shampoo, just use Days of Dirt to create the perfect no-hold, texture and shine you normally get after a few days of wear.

How to use it:

  • Put a nickel to quarter-sized amount in your hands
  • Work it through wet, damp, or dry hair

Sustainably packaged using plant based resin and post consumer recycled material. 

The Men’s Groomer Foundation

Part of the proceeds goes to help get people off the streets and break addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Being in the service industry, making people look good and feel good is what drives The Men’s Groomer. We have the ability to take it one step further, with our product line which is all about love and service.