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His Style Diary – Featured

He’s sitting at the corner banquette in the restaurant with a friend of his, under black-and-white blow-ups of Frank ...

Lightweight Outerwear for Spring

The weather is warming up and that means putting those heavy winter coats away. But spring is also a time to show a s...

How to Make Sure Your Groom is Well Groomed on the Big Day

Does your beau rock some fabulous facial hair? If so, he’s probably wondering how to style his beard or mustache for ...


It’s a sad fact, y’all, but as dudes get older, we have to think about manscaping a bit more. Here’s a confession: th...

Get Bruno Mars’ and Mark Ronson’s Hair From the Video “Uptown Funk”

The video’s stylist exclusively shares how to prevent hat-head and recreate Ronson’s retro-meets-modern look. BY KATI...


Quick and easy: Ink.Sack is the ultimate small sandwich spot with an LA twist. The sandwiches are completely unique, ...

The Inside Job

Like a lot of people, when I first wake up, I have some scary thoughts about having to face the day. My head is fille...

Best Hair Products for Men

Best Hair Products For Men & More Hair. It can make an outfit. It can break it. You can be wearing the most exqui...

What The Heck Is Beard Oil, And How Does It Work?

What The Heck Is Beard Oil, And How Does It Work? The Huffington Post  | By Dana Oliver  We’ve been digging bearded m...

My Top Three Surf Spots

I grew up in beautiful, sunny Southern California and that means I was lucky enough to have the ocean right outside m...

This is what I am talking about!

Today’s lesson? Do yourself a favor and get a beard. Click Here to See More


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