Transforming Yourself with Glasses

Glasses are a key element to fashion and style. They can really change a man’s appearance. We men don’t have a lot of accessories so the ones we do have have to be really great. Taking old-man wire frames and swapping them for something more modern and edgy can transform a look.

Johnny Depp is the ideal example of a man who wears glasses with a point-of-view, no pun intended. The Moscot frames he favors only enhance his image as a free spirited artist with an intellectual bent.

Recently I’ve noticed a trend towards rainbow mirrored lenses. Pink and blues seem to be the most popular and I’ve seen them a lot in aviators frames, my personal favorite. I really love the 70’s vibe this style gives off. Ray Ban Wayfarer’s are another sunglass frame that looks super cool when worn as prescription glasses.

If you need more time to decide on your frames, Warby Parker has an amazing deal. Go to their online store, pick out 5 frames you like and they’ll ship them to you for free. You have 5 days to try them on before sending them back and ordering the pair you want. There really is no excuse anymore for poor choices in eye wear.

In general, when it comes to glasses, and life, don’t be afraid to experiment. With the right pair of glasses and the right attitude, who knows what could happen?

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