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I’ve made many grooming mistakes in my lifetime. I’ve dry-shaved with a cheap drugstore shaver, washed my hair with a bar of soap, exposed the world to my ashy knees, and held on to hairstyles longer than I should have (my red, Gumby haircut was perhaps the worst). Thankfully, I’ve learned from my mistakes. However, some guys continue to make grooming mistakes. Some are minor such as failing to keep your fingernails trimmed, but others are egregious such as failing to bathe regularly (if you use public transportation, you’ve probably encountered these guys).

Jason Schneidman has seen all of these mistakes and more. As a professional stylist whose clientele includes Bruno Mars, Kid Cudi, Hugh Jackman, and Jimmy Fallon, Schneidman helps men to look their best.

“A man should look and feel carefree and confident in the way he dresses and the way he wears his hair,” Schneidman said.

Being well-groomed goes a long way towards instilling confidence. However, you can detract from your appearance and send the wrong message by making an easily avoidable grooming faux pas. According to Schneidman, these are the top five grooming mistakes men make.

Keeping the Same Look

Just as your wardrobe needs updating, so, too, does your hair and face. Don’t be afraid to try something new and on-trend – whether it’s facial hair or even growing out your cut. Right now I’m really into fuller looks, which I think make a strong and confident statement.

Forgetting to Moisturize Your Strands

As you get older, your body loses moisture and strength, and it shows in dry strands, stripped of vigor and fullness. Instead of the generic shampoos you’re used to using, choose products, such as Dove Men + Care Aqua Impact shampoo, that moisturize, strengthen, and make hair thicker looking.

Settling for a Barber

A lot of guys get stuck in their routine and go back to the same barber – even if they’re unhappy with their cut. Make it easier for yourself and ask a guy whose look you admire to recommend their barbershop and specific barber to you.

Avoiding Styling Product

Don’t be afraid to grab a few styling products for yourself – just be sure you’re grabbing the right ones for your hair. Coarse or curly hair can greatly benefit from cream or oil styling products – especially sheens or pomades – because they add control and a little bit of moisturize to hair. Avoid any products with alcohol in it (like hair spray) since it will dry out your hair, making it frizzy and brittle.

Neglecting Your Face

Over half of men don’t have a skincare routine, despite believing they need to look good physically in order to be successful. Make it easy for yourself by picking up some easy and affordable options the next time you are at the drugstore.

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