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There’s Nothing Stock about Stock Vintage

Quality men’s vintage clothing is hard to find. Women have always bought a LOT of clothes but men usually have 5 different suits that they alternate with a handful of play clothes. Historically, women are big consumers, men are not. So in the men’s vintage market, the pickings are slim.

My friend and vintage guru, Melissa Howard, opened the first exclusively men’s vintage clothing store in New York City, Stock Vintage, in June of 2006. She got in on the ground floor and fans, including me, can’t get enough of this amazing treasure trove! She stocks everything from the late 1800’s through the 1950’s for men and I can’t help but visit, and spend money, every time I’m in NYC.

In one of my many trips into the store over the past few years, I asked Melissa what drew her to men’s vintage. Turns out she was a tomboy and drawn to simple boyish clothing. In fact, I have seen her wearing a vintage man’s button down, a look she rocks and one you ladies out there should try.

Melissa’s told me that she “looks to a lot of designers for inspiration and some of her biggest customers are artists and musicians.” What surprised me, though, was the number of Japanese store owners that she does business with. Turns out the Japanese are drawn to the quality workmanship of early American clothing. They buy the clothes to wear, to stock in their stores and to reproduce. The Japanese love the look of American work clothes from the last century and are bringing it back in a big way.

Although Melissa’s recently started selling similar era clothing for women, her first love is menswear. Her passion for it shows in the unique store she’s curated with quality product. For those of you dudes out there who think you can’t pull off vintage, think again. Any man can wear a piece of vintage clothing mixed with newer pieces. You may think this is out of your reach but it’s doable. You can start small by adding a vintage belt, shoes, or jewelry to your current wardrobe. Melissa and her staff can help you find the perfect first piece. Trust me, once you start rocking vintage, you won’t want to stop!

Stock Vintage  143 East 13th St.  New York  NY  10003



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