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The One, The Only, Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison, just the name evokes a bygone era, the fusing of poetry and despair, reality with fantasy. And, of course, drugs and rock ‘n roll.

But it wasn’t just the music and drug culture that drew fans in. Jim Morrison’s iconic tight low-rise leather pants came to define him as sexy, a way most rock stars hadn’t been defined before. His trademark style featured wild hair – a personal favorite of mine – and leather. Women wanted to be with him, men wanted to be him.

That’s not to say that leather pants weren’t worn before him. Elvis, for one, comes to mind. But it was Morrison who made the look iconic, a staple of rock n’ roll stage attire. The debate of who wore leather pants first has been raging for decades. All artists cultivate various influences in their music and their look but, what makes a star a star is the way they curate all the elements. Jim Morrison took leather pants out of their motorcycle context and made them rock n’ roll. Jim Morrison was a star.

Giving himself names such as The Lizard King and Mr. Mojo Risin’, it’s hard to imagine there could ever be a cooler guy than Morrison. One of my favorite web sites,, has posted the Jim Morrison visual story where you can shop the look. Check it out if you’re in the mood to look like a true rock star. Keep it laid back, keep it real, that’s the Jim Morrison aesthetic.

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