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The Man Bun


There’s been a lot of talk about the man bun lately. In fact I even did an interview back in August with Kelli Acciardo from OK Magazine and she asked me about my take on this new trend. You can check out that interview here on my website.

I think the man bun is a cool way to create an artistic vibe for a dude. Done right, it’s a great funky look. The man bun should be worn up high on the crown and be messy and loose. Pull the front of your hair up to create volume and get some height. Slicked back doesn’t really work in my opinion. The bun, however, does work for all hair types.

Personally, I’ve been rocking the man bun for years. With my long hair and my on-the-go job, it’s a great way to look good even after a ten hour day. In the many years I’ve been styling my bun both women and men have commented how much they love it. It’s an effortlessly cool look that actually requires very little effort!

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