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The Inside Job

Like a lot of people, when I first wake up, I have some scary thoughts about having to face the day. My head is filled with chatter: Am I going to be good enough? Will I do enough? Will I succeed? Will people like me? And lather, rinse, repeat. But these days, I do something different when those thoughts start to swarm my mind. I pause and I turn my mind to gratitude. I turn it toward happy, excited, hopeful thoughts. And I stay in the moment.
Staying present starts with keeping my house in order … literally and figuratively. I make sure my bed’s made, my room is tight and the house is clean. These are simple things and they make me feel good, centered and peaceful. Then I turn my mind to all the things I’ll encounter during the day including my workspace, my appointments, my commitments. Keeping my side of the street clean throughout the day means being positive, saying hi to people, opening doors, not talking about myself too much, listening to people, staying organized and being creative. When I do this, I know that at the end of the day, I’ll come home to my family with enough energy, time and balance to give back to all the beautiful things in my life: my family, work, recovery, spirituality and meditation. Keeping my commitments, paying attention to what’s important, being true to myself … that’s what allows me to hit my pillow with a smile
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