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The Grooming Mistakes Men Keep Making


Applying Hair
Product Incorrectly

 “What I probably see most with new clients is the application of hair product. Or maybe using the wrong type of product in their hair. So, right off, I like to show them how to use and the difference it makes in the look of their hair. For example, a lot of guys use something like a paste, clay or wax, and put it on wet hair. That’s a mistake. When the hair is still wet, the product clumps together and I call it the porcupine look—where you can see the scalp—it’s not flattering. You want to apply the product when your hair is almost completely dry. Which leads to a follow-up mistake I see a lot too. I’d say 85% of my clients start out by applying the product to the front of their hair. That distributes too much to the front and not enough to the back, so the back ends up looking fluffy and messy. You want to warm up the product in your hands and work it from back to front so you evenly distribute the product.”
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