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The Essentials of My Style

I try to keep my sense of style simple.  It’s more casual yet cool, I call it “Effortless Cool.”  It’s never over the top; it never appears as though you’re trying to hard. I’ve talked about parts of my style before but today I want to pull it all together, like the perfect outfit. So let’s talk essentials.  A shirt on your back, shoes on your feet, and pants.

First and foremost, shoes. I love boots – and vintage is preferred.  Boots are rugged and cool.  You can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear.  I love a pair of beat up engineer boots.  I wear them almost everyday.  Search you local vintage stores or scour eBay for that perfect pair or you can buy them new and wear them everyday.

Being from Southern California, I love t-shirts.  And I’m always on the hunt for the perfect tee.  I’m my opinion, plain is best, and stick to the basics, white, black or heather grey. And remember, it’s all about the fit.

When it comes to pants, I’m a jeans guy.  I love a pair of rigid blue jeans that have been well worn on a daily basis. Perfect.  Nicely fit to your body type, never to baggy.  But be careful, some denim companies go a little crazy with washes; it comes across contrived and fake.

The extras – Jackets and accessories are a simple but an essential way to tie everything together.  I love a nice, well made leather jacket, so invest in it. You’ll have it long enough to pass on to your kids and once again, it only gets better with age. With a leather jacket always stick to the basics, black or brown.  I love a great biker or moto jacket, think Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones,”.  A belt is key, very simple and again, buy vintage if possible.

This is more or less a blueprint to my style sense.  I call it “American Classic”.  You can buy higher-end but if you’re on a budget or just a little more savvy there are plenty of options out there these days.  Just keep it simple, remember, “Effortless Cool!” You’ll look rugged and confident and people will say “Man, That guy has great style!”

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