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Staying Fit & Enjoying Food

Going to dinner with friends and family is one of the great pleasures life has to offer. Especially in California where there’s an amazing restaurant on every corner.

Of course, now that I’m over 25 and no longer a calorie incinerator, adjustments have to be made for me to stay fit. Friends ask me what my secret is and I tell them, it’s just some basic common sense.

After a period of overindulgence, or what I fondly call a free-for-all where food is concerned, I cut out carbs and most sugars. In my experience it only takes a couple of weeks of cutting breads, pastas and potatoes, and the extra weight comes off. I do have a sweet tooth so, for me, cutting all sugars is unrealistic. A bite or two of dessert stops me from falling off the wagon and keeps me satisfied.

I drink a lot of water during this time, eat a lot of veggies and, believe it or not, I never skip a meal. Combine this with at least 30 minutes of activity – for me it’s surfing but walking works as well – and I’m lean again in no time.

I do this a couple of times a year, whenever I see a soft pillow of flab start to overcome my abs. It’s a small sacrifice to make when I look at the big picture. Living a long and healthy life, being fit enough to teach my kids to surf and still enjoying food! Ah, the good life!!!

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