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Rob Lowe’s Groomer Explains the Inspiration Behind His New Haircut and ‘Guy-Lights’





If you’ve noticed Rob Lowe‘s lighter, edgier hairstyle lately, we’re here to tell you that your eyes are not playing tricks on you. The 52-year-old actor is sporting a cool new do for his role in Code Black, and we have all of the details straight from his groomer.

“It was Rob’s vision and I took it to the next level,”  celebrity groomer Jason Schneidman tells PeopleStyle about his cut, which is longer on the top and buzzed on the sides. “He was reinventing himself for his new character on Code Black and he plays a military medic. He was like, ‘I am jumping out of the helicopters in Malibu.’ So we went for it and it really works.”

It works so well, in fact, that Lowe is considering it one of the most major hair changes to happen lately, even comparing it to Jennifer Aniston’s iconic cut for Friends.

“We call it the new ‘Rachel’,” Schneidman jokes. “It’s like Rachel, it’s sweeping the nation. This haircut has been trending for years, but I think what’s different is I just kept it edgy and traditional at the same time. Rob said it. He’s like, ‘Yeah, I don’t understand [why] this haircut is such a big deal — it’s the new Rachel, you know what I mean?’”

But the cut isn’t all that’s making Lowe’s new look stand out. He’s rocking a bold new hue as well.

“The color change is also to get into the different character and actors like to switch it up,” Schneidman explains. “Hair color is tricky on dudes. But if it’s done right it can work. I didn’t do the hair color, but we’re trying to keep it as natural and as blonde as possible.”Rob_Lowe_light

Feeling Lowe’s look for your guy? Schneidman recommends leaving some length on top and cutting the sides “super short,” blending the two lengths. And in order to recreate his color, the key is keeping it natural.

“Add a few really natural guy-lights on top,” he says “What makes ‘em guy-lights is that they don’t look like they’ve been highlighted. That’s the trick. Sun-kissed.”

And to style it, Schneidman says pomade is your best friend. “You put it on wet hair and just slick it back or comb it over and then up in the front a little bit to create a tough Jesse James greaser look. The haircut styles itself and it’s strong enough on its own that you can really understate it and it still looks great.”


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