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Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo
Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo

Beneath Jason Schneidman’s laid-back surfer vibe lies a fierce work ethic that has led Jason to develop his profile beyond hairstyling to create fully unified looks for press tours, red carpets, music videos, and editorial assignments. Jason’s fashion-forward eye and effortless cool have captured a devoted group of clients including Hugh Jackman, Bruno Mars, Jonah Hill, and Rob Lowe. He has worked with magazines such as Rolling Stone, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, and Billboard. Between international junkets and editorial assignments, Jason keeps his skill honed by cutting hair at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills. Jason is one half of a hair power couple – his wife Kelsie Gigandet is hairstylist to Jennifer Aniston for her preceding 5 films.


JasonSchneidmancAlainVasquezPhotography Red Carpet Style With Dove Men+Care Hair Expert Jason Schneidman The Mens Groomer

Dove Men+Care Hair Expert Jason Schneidman


As Jason Schneidman is rapidly making a name for himself in Hollywood as “The Men’s Groomer”, styling leading men in both film and music, Male Standard caught up with Jason to discover how men can take home his expert hair styling and hair care tips. We hope you enjoy!


Who would you say are the best groomed men and why?


Other than my client, Jonah Hill, I think Jason Sudeikis has amazing hair and a great beard. I love Jim Carey’s Oscar look – it was handsome. These are the types of looks I am urging my clients to try right now – a look with a more full head of hair.


What did you think of Brad Pitt’s semi-shaven style?


I think Brad Pitt really cleaned up well. I first noticed his new look at the SAG awards in January. I read somewhere he cut it for a WWII movie he is working on, but I hope he considers keeping it once he is done filming. I am a huge fan of classic looks such as this one with the sides closely shaven with long slicked hair on top. Nobody does it better than Brad Pitt!


Samuel L Jackson is sporting a shiny dome, what’s your take on shaving it all off?


I think certain people can pull off a shaved head and Samuel L. Jackson looks great. For others trying to pull off this look, my recommendation is to be careful of too much shine.


How do you feel about men growing out their hair, a la Jared Leto?


Men with long hair are finally starting to stand out and I love it. I have always had long hair and felt different, but it is starting to trend. I think it creates some mystery and a little bit of edge.


Do you think more men are adding color to their hair for fashion?


Hair color on men is a huge no-no! I am not a fan of men coloring their hair. But, if you are going to add color, go for guylights – it has to look really, really, natural.


What coloring treatments or styles are you seeing more men asking for?


Many of my clients come in and want a sleek timeless look like Hugh Jackman’s. I even had Jeff Probst (the host of Survivor) come in and ask for his look exactly since I cut Hugh’s hair. Two other looks clients are always asking for are David Beckham’s and Brad Pitt’s. Guy wants their look because they want to be just like them. They have been the leaders in trends for years. I’m always happy to revamp a dude’s look and do something fun if the guy is ready.


Was there any standout hairstyles you think will trend this year?


Similar to Jonah Hill’s look, a lot of people are coming in asking for Brad Pitt’s. Everyone wants that extra hair length in the back.


What steps can men take to get Oscar worthy hair at home?


First thing you want to do is make sure hair is prepped with the right fortifying shampoo or 2-in-1. I recommend the Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo. It not only gives hair necessary moisture, but it is also proven to make hair 3X stronger. I also really like their Thickening Shampoo since it builds a good foundation for styling. I strongly suggest guys wash their hair the night before styling since it’ll save them time day of and their hair will have just enough build-up and volume to be a good base to start your styling process.


Dove Men Care Expert Aqua Shampoo Red Carpet Style With Dove Men+Care Hair Expert Jason Schneidman The Mens Groomer

Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo


To achieve Jonah’s Oscar-worthy, cool, effortless style, you only need a minute – a guy’s dream come true! First, comb hair through in the desired direction. Then use a small round brush (like myMen’s Groomer brush) and blow dryer upward to create a small flip to the side. Set the look in place with a dime size amount of medium hold matte paste. Also, a really similar, quick style is to put a small amount of hardening gel on the top of your head and a comb-over for a slicked back look like Leonardo DiCaprio.


Do you have any red carpet worthy hair products you can’t live without?


I can’t live without the Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact shampoo and my favorite matte styling paste. I always use the shampoo the night before. For styling I use a dime-sized amount of matte styling paste with medium hold to simply refine my clients’ natural hairstyle.


What is your Male Standard?


Dream big! I never thought in a million years I would be a celebrity men’s groomer and the Dove Men+Care hair expert, but hard work and persistence really pays off.


Thank you Jason Schneidman for sharing your expert hair styling tips! To find out more about the Dove Men+Care hair styling products, please visit


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