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My Top Three Surf Spots

 I grew up in beautiful, sunny Southern California and that means I was lucky enough to have the ocean right outside my door.  Starting when I was about 12, I spent every moment I could in the water. During that time – and since then, too! – I have surfed some of the most amazing waves in So Cal … and also endured some serious junk.  So where to find the awesome waves?
Behold! My top three favorite surf spots from San Diego all the way up to the central coast in Santa Barbara:


Black Beach – La Jolla

Salt Creek – Laguna
Zuma – North Malibu
These are experienced surf spots, and I have paid my dues over the years, one wave at a time.  The thing I look for in a perfect spot is a fast, peaky, and beach break wave.  All of these spots have that. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think!
PS: pull in, get barreled and hollar at your boy. 
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