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My Morning Routine | Jacob Soboroff

Turn on your television or scroll through social media and you’re likely to see Jacob Soboroff. That’s because the MSNBC correspondent goes where the story is—from the heart of America’s opioid epidemic and the coastal towns ravaged by hurricanes to Las Vegas in the wake of the horrific mass shooting. With a Bachelor’s in Politics and a Master’s in Political Theory and Philosophy from NYU, an eye for style, not to mention made-for-TV looks, he’s making a name for himself in the established world of television news.

What’s readily apparent when one sees him in action is that he’s got a real feel for what people want to see and need to hear. And the persistence to coax it out of his subjects. His instant charm and sharp wit have him set up for a long, successful career in television and news, but he’s the first to tell you that he puts his pants on one leg at a time too. Always on the road, we finally tracked him down to talk about how he gets the most out of his morning.

My Routine

I tend to get up early. When I’m home on the West Coast, it’s usually around five or six, in order to stay on my New York colleagues’ schedule. My wife and one-and-a-half-year-old son are up around seven or eight, so those first few hours give me a chance to catch up on everything.

I love going to bed early. I try to get at least eight hours of sleep, sometimes way more, unless I have to do morning TV at home or on the road.

It’s my job to make the coffee. As soon as I’m out of bed, I’m quietly tiptoeing down the hallway (my wife would disagree) to put some water on for coffee. I grind the beans, and turn on MSNBC to catch the end of Morning Joe. I’ll catch up on a little work on my computer until the little man and my wife wake up.

Black coffee, only. Personally, I prefer the pour-over method with Intelligentsia beans.

I keep it light for breakfast when I’m at home. Maybe a banana as I’m walking out the door or something. However, if we’re on the road, I try to load up at a local diner before heading out. Usually something with eggs—breakfast tacos, if that’s an option …

Fighting dad bod is real. I try to work out in the morning as much as possible, otherwise the day and the motivation get away from me.

I’m not big on too many products these days.

The less I have to travel with, the better. Jason Schneidmancuts my hair, and he makes some of his own products—I think he puts surf wax in it or something. Then, I keep it pretty old school with classic green Speed Stickand some simple sunscreenwhen I can remember.

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