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My Favorite 4th of July!

It’s almost the 4th of July again and I couldn’t help but think about my favorite 4th of July, which just happens to be last year. Our family rented the LG House in Malibu, an amazing beach front property with plenty of room for everyone. We are a competitive lot and always on the go so it was a busy weekend filled with ping pong matches, fishing, kayaking, football Frisbee and, of course, surfing.

The weekend was catered so no one felt bogged down with cooking and a dessert table was set up around the clock – my daughter, Lennon, loved that. The best part of the whole weekend was seeing Lennon’s face as the fireworks exploded over the ocean. Pure magic!

This year it’ll be the family in Malibu again but we’ve grown in numbers! My bro-in-law Cam’s family of 3 has expanded to include their 4 month-old son, Rekker and there’s our addition, Hobie, who’s just one month-old. They might be a little young to surf but they can hang better than anyone else I know.

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