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It’s a sad fact, y’all, but as dudes get older, we have to think about manscaping a bit more. Here’s a confession: there are certainly times when I forget to trim my eyebrows or to check my unruly ear hairs … and grooming is my profession! So maybe it’s a good idea to set a once-a-month grooming alarm to remind you to take care of the details. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than having a conversion with a dude and staring at one of his wild hairs that’s doing something funky in a place it shouldn’t be! 
Here’s what you need to know about keeping your eyebrows tamed. It’s really easy so no excuses. Just grab a comb and use it to pull the eyebrow hair up. Then put a finger on your eyebrow. Any hair you see sticking up above the eyebrow line, TRIM with a scissor. It’s so simple and gives you a quick and natural and unnoticeable eyebrow tidying. It’s effortless and, more importantly, totally masculine.
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