Lights, Camera and Grooming

I started out in this business cutting hair but my career has evolved over the last couple of years to include all aspects of personal grooming. I’m now doing make up as well as hair for dudes for both television and photo shoots. I love it. It’s so exciting to me to make men shine on the outside.

I have a few hard and fast rules about men’s grooming that I think every man should follow before walking in front of the camera. First of all, always use a primer before tinted moisture. I don’t believe in heavy make-up on a man but a good primer and tinted moisturizer can really enhance a dude’s looks under those bright lights. Also, everyone needs a little color in those circumstances. The important thing is walking the line between some color and looking too tan or orange. Orange is never a good skin color on anyone! For shine, a little powder does the trick but the operative word here is little. I want my clients to look fully alive but too much powder will make anyone look like the walking dead.

In my experience dudes are easy to work with. I just got back to the states after a couple of days in Beijing with Hugh Jackman for The Wolverine press tour and it was an amazing trip. A nod of thanks and gratitude to Hugh and all my clients who make me look good!

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