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Jason Schneidman talks with  Jenny by design

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Inherently cool, effortlessly kind. That is what comes to mind when I think of Jason Schneidman. You may not know him personally, but there is a good chance you’ve seen his work. His coiffing and cutting are carried on by celebrity powerhouses like Hugh Jackman, Bruno Mars, Jonah Hill, Jimmy Fallon and Andrew Garfield. Mr. Schneidman is a Dove Men+Care hair expert and can be found at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills when he isn’t globetrotting with high-profile pals. The Men’s Groomer kicks off 2014 on JBD, embodying a California je ne sais quoi. Read on for the final cut!

NAME: Jason Schneidman

DAY JOB: Hairstylist / Barber/ Groomer

HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA


HIDDEN TALENT: Dude Life Coach

SONG ON REPEAT: Treasure by Bruno Mars

INSTAGRAM & TWITTER: @themensgroomer

DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS: Obsessive, creative, grateful.

DAILY UNIFORM: Hair in a manbun wearing Levis and boots.

I COULDN’T LIVE WITHOUT…family, sobriety and a good pair of scissors.

I LOVE A WOMAN WHO WEARS…a wife beater tee to bed…

WHAT WILL NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE? A great men’s haircut.

YOU ARE THE MEN’S GROOMER. TELL US ABOUT YOUR COMPANY. Americana. I’m a stylist who helps dudes find there way on and off camera. It’s face and clothes, head to toe, inside and out. Growing up in Southern California, surrounded by toe head surfers, the cut was always long on top with ’80s wedge short sides and back. I was fearless from the start but needed blending skills!

AN UNEXPECTED MOMENT ON THE JOB THAT MADE YOU LAUGH, KEPT YOU ON YOUR TOES OR FREAKED YOU OUT? I was in London doing Chris Cornell‘s hair for a James Bond movie premiere and his wife asked me to do her hair, too. There was a flat iron voltage issue. Let’s just say her hair fried and turned white…smoke was involved and I was ready to jump out of the window!

YOU ARE OFTEN ON A RED CARPET WITH A CLIENT. WHAT IS YOUR GO-TO SUIT? A Marc Jacobs dark grey fitted three-piece suit.

A MUST-HAVE TRAVEL PRODUCT? Dove Men+Care cool silver deodorant. It has an amazing scent and lasts all day.

WHAT IS THE ONE HAIR CARE PRODUCT EVERY PERSON SHOULD OWN AND WHY? Kiehls grooming creme. After you shampoo hair, apply a small amount to dirty up your clean hair so it does something.

JBD FUN FACT: YOU’RE THE GROOMER WHO CREATED THE FRINGE I CURRENTLY ROCK. CAN EVERYONE PULL OFF BANGS? Anyone can pull off a version of a bang. Long, short, side blunt, wispy or choppy. The trick is to have the right artist make that decision!

DO YOU FIND YOURSELF MENTALLY EDITING THE HAIR OF STRANGERS? Absolutely. I feel I can spot what people need to shine immediately.

BEST ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED? We don’t have problems, all we have are solutions. If you meet more than one jerk in a day, you’re probably the jerk.

YOU ARE ONE OF THE MOST INSPIRING HUMAN BEINGS I HAVE EVER MET. IS THERE A SECRET TO CULTIVATING SUCH POSITIVE ENERGY? Thank you for the compliment. Gratitude. Life is a blessing. I love every minute lived. Being nice to people allows me to sleep with a smile.

DREAM CLIENT OR COLLABORATION? Already working with my dream clients but always dreaming! James Dean and Steve McQueen.

A CLASSIC MEN’S STYLE? Americana dude-surf-motorcycle style.


Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach.

Salt’s Cure in West Hollywood because it has the best burger and pork chop you will ever taste in your life!

The Chris McMillan Salon.

Third Point at Malibu’s Surfrider Beach; perfect hundred yard shreddable wave!

Garage Company, a vintage motorcycle shop near LAX.

Hollywood Trading Company, a one stop shop for men who want effortless cool vintage fashion and boots. Americana at its finest.

HAIR TREND THAT IS HERE TO STAY? The messy school boy look. Short tapered sides with a of couple inches on top.

Images c/o Jason Schneidman and GQ.

Note: This interview has been edited and condensed.

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