Jason Talks “How To Look Like Hugh Jackman” at

A boy can dream — but with expert tips from Hollywood star groomer Jason Schneidman, you’re getting that much closer…
Known as “The Men’s Groomer” in Hollywood, Jason Schneidman is the mane man for A-Listers like Bruno Mars, Jonah Hill, Rob Lowe, and our subject of the day, Mr Hugh Jackman.

Talking to us from the Chris McMillan salon in Beverly Hills, Schneidman shares the hairstyling and skincare tips he’s been applying throughout Jackman’s press tour for his new movie The Wolverine, which opens today.

“First and foremost,” Schneidman says, “I always ask Hugh to wash his hair the morning before an appearance. With all the products that a man uses these days –hairspray, paste, dry shampoo– it’s important for him to use a shampoo adapted to his hair type. Because I like to style the hair very big, the Dove Men+Care Thickening Shampoo ($4.99, 12oz) is my favorite. It’s a 2-in-1 formula, so you don’t need a conditioner after washing your hair with it.


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