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Jason Shares His Secrets With

Celebrities don’t just roll out of bed looking flawless; it takes a whole team of experts to primp and polish them to perfection. There are hairs to be tousled, brows to be tweezed, and skin to be moisturized before walking out the door each morning. And I’m talking about the dudes of Hollywood (whoever said men were more low maintenance than women was wrong, wrong, wrong).

Celebrity stylist and Dove Men+Care hair expert Jason Schneidman, the brains behind the beauty for some of the hottest guys in Tinseltown, including Hugh Jackman, Rob Lowe, Bruno Mars, and Jonah Hill, shares his tips and tricks for making A-list stars look their picture-perfect best with

“All of my guys like to look put together, but natural and not overdone,” says Schneidman of his clients. “I always strive to ride that effortlessly cool line, and I find guys are drawn to me because I know how to work with their natural features and pull together a look that isn’t over-styled.”

For the summer, Schneidman’s go-to hairstyle is “the classic ‘do – think Steve McQueen and James Dean. This works great for all seasons because it is timeless and never goes out of style. In fact, my number one tip is to stay classic,” he says. “For this look, I recommend rubbing a dime-size of paste into hands and then running through hair for hold. Since paste is moldable, you can add more throughout the day if your hair isn’t staying put. That’s also why I don’t recommend traditional hair sprays: it’s difficult to reapply.”

Schneidman gives us the low-down on how you (or the man in your life) can look like one of Hollywood’s hottest.

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