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Jason Schneidman- The Men’s Groomer on Dove & More!

Jason Schneidman- The Men’s Groomer on Dove & More!

Manhattan Digest, Alain Vasquez, Jason Schneidman

Credit to: Alain Vasquez Photography

Jason Schneidman on The Oscars, Superbowl and Dove!

Nothing gets bigger for someone when they are invited to work on two of the biggest events of the year- The Superbowl and The Oscars.  For Jason Schneidman, this is just another day in the life of one of the top men’s hairstylists in the world.  Jason has had quite the year in 2014, from styling Oscar nominee Jonah Hill (Wolf Of Wall Street) to Superbowl show stopper Bruno Mars and so much more.  Now he sits down with Manhattan Digest to discuss his crazy year that he has had and also his involvement in my personal favorite for men’s haircare and grooming Dove Men + Care.  Take a look!

So how have things been since I spoke to you last, what have you been up to in 2014?

Everything has been great – can’t complain! 2014 started off with a bang between styling Bruno Mars for the Superbowl and Jonah Hill for the Oscars. It has been a real blessing.

You did Jonah Hill at the Oscars this year, which is huge seeing as he was Oscar nominated for “Wolf of Wall Street”.  How was that experience?

It was a great experience. Jonah is an awesome dude, and a pleasure to work with. It was just so exciting to be a part of the journey with him.

On top of the Oscars, you did Bruno Mars at the Superbowl, which is gigantic beyond anything. How did you get that gig and what was the experience like?  Was it hectic?

Bruno Mars is one of my frequent clients. I am so grateful to work with such talent. He is so down to earth and cool. I was honored he asked me to go out to New York with him. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. The energy was just high and it was such a rush being backstage. My main concern was to make sure every hair on his head laid perfectly to last the whole performance.

What is your favorite style for men this coming summer?

I am a huge fan of guys growing out their hair for the summer. Men with long hair are finally starting to stand out and I love it. I have always had long hair and felt different, but it is starting to trend. I think it creates some mystery and a little bit of edge. Shoulder length or longer hair is amazing on guys right now because it allows you to put your hair up in a top knot or a man bun. I wear the man bun myself and get a lot of compliments from both men and women. My celebrity inspiration is Jared Leto. One of my homies, Chase Kusero gave Jared his fresh summer look with the ombre.

What do you think men do wrong when it comes to style that you think could be improved?

I think one of the biggest things men are doing wrong when it comes to styling their hair, is using products that makes their hair look stiff. I recommend style pastes instead of hard gels to avoid this look. Personally, I love pastes because they’re versatile—and they can make a cut look edgy and nonchalant or cool and sophisticated.  They’re perfect for the messy look, such as the style I did for Rob Lowe at the Golden Globes this year, but can also be used to create a very sleek style, like the style I did for Hugh Jackman at the Academy Awards last year. Plus, you can easily re-apply the product to refresh your look, which is crucial for the guy on the go. Gels and sprays, become crispy and flakey when re-applied, which is definitely a “don’t”.

Why is Dove Men+Care the best of all the products out there?

I recommend Dove Men+Care to my clients because I use it, it’s proven to make hair 3X stronger…and it’s made specifically for men. That means it is really effective at combatting common hair concerns from dandruff or oily hair—and adds moisture but doesn’t way the hair down.  The product formulas are infused with caffeine, too, to help make men’s hair thicker looking—which pretty much every guy benefits from.  My favorite is the new Aqua Impact Fortifying Shampoo. It’s enriched with ocean minerals and it makes every shower feel like a day at the beach, which keeps me centered even when I travel.

What are you hopeful for in the future?

Such a difficult question! I have so many exciting moving pieces in my life with my clients that I wish I could share. I am hopeful for new opportunities and look forward to continued collaboration with Dove Men+Care.

Want to know more about Jason and his fantastic business?  Log on to his official site twitter for more info.

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