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Jackson Guthy in Raleigh, North Carolina

On Sunday I flew into Raleigh, North Carolina where I styled Jackson Guthy’s hair for his tour with Big Time Rush and Victoria Justice. It was an amazing trip.


Fayetteville Street

I’d never been to Raleigh before but the people showed me good old southern hospitality at it’s best. I stayed downtown on Fayetteville Street, also known as “Great Main Street,” where there are lots of pubs and restaurants. Believe it or not, several places had alligator on the menu. I would like to say that I was brave enough to give it a try but I didn’t. Maybe next time.

The show was Sunday night at the Time Warner Cable Pavillion, which is an amazing stadium. It has a huge open grass area and lots of great food choices like southern barbeque, my personal favorite. The stadium added a real down-home feeling to the whole night, which you can’t say about many large venues.

I ended up cutting all the guys in Jackson’s band that night outside, right before dark, in the hot, humid weather. It felt like I was in a Bikram yoga class – but so much more fun. The concert was everything I thought it would be and more…. Check out the tour schedule, you won’t regret seeing the show. In fact, I can’t wait till my kids get a little older and they can join me on these trips. I want to them to experience all the great cities we have here in the USA and hear amazing musicians, like Jackson, play live. There’s nothing like it. I think they’ll have a blast.

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