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Quick and easy: Ink.Sack is the ultimate small sandwich spot with an LA twist. The sandwiches are completely unique, absolutely toothsome and just the right size so you don’t walk out feeling totally bloated. My favorite sammy at Ink.Sack is the Cuban with its crispy pickles and salty pork but there are so many awesome choices, it feels wrong to pick just one.

The mastermind behind Ink.Sack is Mike Voltaggio, the world-renowned Top Chef champion who owns Ink right next door.  Mike is the ultimate dude, a well-tattooed purveyor of old cars… just a bro. And by the way, if you happen to run into the dude, you will surely notice that he has a ripping haircut!


The Spot: Ink.Sack

Type: Sandwich – Lunch

Location: La Cienega Area

Description: Quick take out sandwich shop


Chef: Michael Voltaggio

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