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Here Comes the Sun

The heat is on! It’s time to get ready for a killer summer, guys. Time to get ready for the beach, for surf, for sun! And that means it’s also time to make sure you’re protecting your skin and your hair!

Let’s face it, even though the rugged look gets cooler as you get older, let’s make sure we don’t look 10 years older than we really are. Take the time to apply sunscreen to your face and your skin – no excuses! – and then throw some in your hair, too.

I am setting trends for guys this summer, and I am going for a completely, absolutely, no B.S., effortless cool look. Facial hair, grown out hair, saltwater hair, wavy, messy, longer … basically the “just woke up on a Sunday morning and rolled to your favorite breakfast spot” look.

That’s what I am going for … the  flipside of the perfectly barbered look.
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