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Gotta Love Zip

I love to wear vintage because, lets face it, they just don’t make clothes like they used to. So it makes sense that I’m a big fan of Zip Stevenson’s work. My buddy Zip is one of the biggest and best men’s vintage dealers in the United States. Funny enough, he didn’t come by his passion naturally.

Zip grew up wearing used clothing and didn’t really like it. He learned to appreciate vintage later in life when his wife took him to the flea market. I can relate to this since I love going to the Rose Bowl Swap Meet in Pasadena. It’s a competitive place, though, so it’s hard to get the good stuff before it’s gone, gone, gone.

Zip’s passion began with finding handcrafted vintage belts and restoring much-loved denim. This passion has evolved into his two companies, HTC (Hollywood Trading Company) and, more recently, IrregulaR. HTC has evolved into the go-to store for high-quality vintage accessories and denim and is the best place to get jeans repaired and altered perfectly. They kill it! At IrregulaR, Zip and he and his artisans repurpose old boots into something that actors, musicians and myself can’t resist. He tends to work with high-quality, military-grade jump boots, using the fact that leather looks better with age to his advantage.

When it comes to styling dudes in vintage clothing for the movies, or in real life, Hollywood knows there are only a few places where you can get the “real deal.” Zip’s place is one of them. Whether you buy from his online store or go in and make a custom order, you won’t be disappointed. Zip Stevenson is a true American craftsman.

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