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Glasses are like Shoes for Dudes, you have to have the Right Pair

The perfect glasses go a long way to defining a man’s style. It doesn’t matter whether you need specs to read or some awesome shades for your ride, the right pair can make all the difference.


The guys over at Warby Parker have known this for a long time and their new summer collection proves it.  If you’re ready to add a finishing touch of confidence to your style, you don’t have to look any farther than this amazing collection. Just throw on a pair of Haskell shades and roll to the beach or grab one of my faves, the Duval, and hang out poolside.


For summer, I’ve got three solid go-to looks – hair up, hair down or a funky hat to cover it all up.  Every one of those looks just needs a good pair of glasses to complete it.  It seals the deal!


So check out Warby Parker and protect your eyes, look like a rockstar, and have a killer summer!

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