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Get Bruno Mars’ and Mark Ronson’s Hair From the Video “Uptown Funk”

Judging by the threads, moves, grooves, and pretty much everything else in their just-released video, “Uptown Funk,” it’s clear that Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson need no help in the style department.

Seriously though. Who else could pull off hair rollers, and still manage to look, well, cool? While there’s no question that Mars and Ronson both have a sick sense of personal style, a little professional help can’t hurt. And that’s where celeb groomer and Dove Men+Care hair expert Jason Schneidman, steps in. He’s the guy responsible for keeping Mars’ naturally curly mane under control (even under the hat) and Ronson’s modified pomp defined (but not overly so).

Here, Schneidman dishes on how to create a retro yet modern do (like Ronson’s) and wear a hat come winter, without the tell-tale signs of hat head (because, unlike Mars, most of us wear hats come winter for practical reasons, not just to make a fashion statement).

How to Avoid Hat Head

1. Shampoo regularly. Notice we didn’t say daily. Shampooing according to your hair type is important, because dirty, greasy hair is difficult to work with. Especially if it’s been under a hat over an hour or so. Schneidman recommends shampooing “every couple days for fine hair, and every three to four days for thick or coarse hair.” Men+Care Aqua Impact Fortifying Shampoo is a favorite of his, because “it’s moisturizing, and can make hair up to three times stronger.” Plus, it’s easy on the wallet.

2. When reworking hat-addled hair away from the comfort of home (without your favorite comb or brush), don’t be afraid to use what you already have: your fingers. “Run them through your hair right after taking off your hat,” recommends Schneidman. “They’re actually great tools for reshaping and refreshing.”

3. For those of you guys blessed with curly locks (like Mars), you’ll find your secret weapons in pretty much any public restroom. If your hair getting out of control or sticking out of your hat too much, “add a little bit of water,” says Schneidman. “Then blot with paper towels to get rid of excess moisture.” Blotting (as opposed to using a dryer) helps to maintain the integrity of curls and minimize frizz.

How to Create Ronson’s Modified Pomp

1. Apply a bit of styling paste throughout damp hair. American Crew’s Defining Paste is a solid choice, as it provides both medium hold and a dry, matte finish.

2. With a blow dryer—”don’t be afraid to use a lot of heat”—and round bristle brush like this one from Schneidman’s line, The Men’s Groomer, brush and dry just the front of your hair, lifting it up and away from the face. The goal is get great volume and lift.

3. Take a little more paste and with your fingers, “slightly break up the pomp and bring it towards the back of the head” so the overall style doesn’t look too stiff or contrived. Finish with a light mist of hair spray. The hair should be set, but still have some movement.

Katie Chang is a writer and shopkeeper based in Brooklyn. Follow her at @katieshewrote.

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