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Dove Men+Care Rocks

Before taking on the role of Dove Men+Care Hair Specialist I was already in love with their products.  The range of shampoos and conditioners is tailored to each man’s specific needs, be it thinning hair, dandruff or the ease of use of the 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner, Fresh Clean.

Their shampoos are also proven to make hair 3 times stronger, which has really saved my own head of hair with all the beating it takes from the environment these days.

I’ve also discovered other products in the Dove Men+Care line that I love.  A lot of times we guys don’t know what to reach for when moisturizing our face so we end up using our woman’s products or nothing at all.  Now that I discovered the Dove Men+Care lotion for sensitive skin, I have a go-to facial moisturizer that doesn’t burn my eyes.  Also, I used to use a white stick deodorant but never felt like it kept me fresh all day long.  After a full day of being a dude, the Dove Men+Care Clinically Proven Non-Irritant Deodorant – Cool Silver leaves me smelling good.  Believe me, I really did put that product to the test.

No matter what you choose from the Dove Men+Care line, you’ll get a cost effective product, with dude friendly packaging that’s easily accessible at retailers everywhere. All us men have grooming needs, get with it!


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