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Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl Hair will be ‘Shiny, Big & Angular,’ says Hairstylist Jason Schneidman

Bruno Mars always makes a statement with his hair. Buzzed, styled or au naturel, “Gorilla” singer knows how to whip his hair back and forth.  Bruno’s noteworthy ‘dos are largely influenced by celebrity hairstylist Jason Schneidman. Jason, also known as “The Men’s Groomer,” met Bruno years ago thanks to a friend’s recommendation. “Bruno is such a rock star,” Jason says. “I felt honored to have been introduced to him.”

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Bruno, Billboard’s top artist of 2013, will be taking his pompadour to the stage at the 2014 NFL Super Bowl halftime show this Sunday (Feb. 2). But what can we expect to see when Mars hits the field as a break from the Seattle Seahawks playing the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey?  We will certainly be in for a stellar performance packed with soul.

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As for his hair: “We are going for a strong rock star look,” Jason explains. “His performance will certainly be unbelievable and I want his hair to speak to that.” So what does that mean, you wonder?  “Shiny, movement, big and angular is what you can expect to see,” Jason reveals.

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While we not-so-patiently wait for Bruno to hit the stage, Jason also shared with us how to make Bruno’s rock star look work for the everyday man.

“The secret is not only in the build up of different products like gel and moose, but it’s about having a great shampoo to wash it all out and start fresh.” Jason recommends the Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact shampoo for this. “It not only is a great cleanser, but it makes men’s hair three times stronger.” Quite the perfect fix, since Jason expressed the secret to any successful pompadour is strength.

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