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A Hat Man

I’m a hat dude. On women or men, there’s something so interesting about a person wearing a hat. It adds a sense of mystery to their look.

In the Wild West a hat was de rigueur for a day in stirrups. Back in the “Mad Men” days, gentlemen went to work in a three-piece suit and hat. Those times may be a distant memory but buying a truly great hat is still a possibility.

Enter Gunner Foxx, one of the last remaining True Hat Makers left today. A Los Angeles Native & Hollywood Hatter, Foxx is The Resident Master Hatter at Schaeffer’s Garment Hotel in Hollywood, California. Foxx, a 3rd generation hat maker, has crafted his hats for movies as well as the A-listers who star in them. He has a fierce artistic ability to create hats from all periods and to make them look authentically aged. I personally own five of his masterpieces and basically live in them .

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