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A Collected Interview:


I’m excited to be bringing back the A Collected Interview and Feature series I’m honored to have Jason Schneidman of The Men’s Groomer kicking it off. Jason is hair stylist and groomer from Southern California who’s made a name for himself though hard work and dedication. His clientele are some of the most influential actors, athletes, artists of this generation. It meant a lot to interview him and I really learned a lot from his story. .

ACG: What inspired you to become a hair stylist?

JS: I just had an eye for creating shapes and art. While I was in high school I would style and groom my friend’s hair. I was inspired by my parents to really pursue it after I graduated, they knew I truly loved to do it and their green light was all I needed.

ACG: What do you enjoy the most about doing your work?

JS: I love the way I make people feel about themselves. I receive positive feedback from clients telling me how the hairstyle I gave them helped them get the job or girl. The fact that I make people feel confident and goof about themselves through my work is what I enjoy the most.

ACG:  What are some trending hairstyles for 2014?

JS: More and more men are having their hair longer on top and shave/tapered on the sides. Since we have more hair these days, it’s more important to use great hair products to keep it strong and looking good. That’s why I’m connected to Dove Men+Care, because what they offer really takes great care of your hair.  So I would say keep your hair length between Harry Styles and Jared Leto.

ACG: What advice would you give someone looking to be apart of the industry?

JS: What I did to gain experience was put myself in a high volume situations. Whether it was a Great Clips or Supercuts, I worked day and night on my craft. Even though I was just starting out I took as many clients as I could , because the more I cut the more I learned about myself.  I suggest doing what you love and just putting the 10,000 hours in. Work on growing and becoming better.

ACG: What are your top hair and grooming products for men?

JS: Dove’s Aqua Impact Hair Shampoo is amazing. What I love about Dove’s products is they’re easy to use and made for men. Aqua Impact is all about moisture and making your hair stronger. I would also recommend the Expert Shave Range by Dove, which is a great way to help men get better at shaving and taking care of their skin.

ACG: You have had the privilege of working with a lot of celebrities, who was your favorite to work with?

JS: Hugh Jackson is a pretty nice guy, along with Bruno mars who couldn’t be any cooler. He’s my homie, we hang out, joke around and have fun. Both of those guys are inspirations to me and I inspire to be just as great and humble as them

ACG: Who were some of your idols growing up and how did they shape you into the person you are today?

JS: James Dean and Steve McQueen inspired me growing up.  As a kid I loved their style, They made me realize that taking care of your appearance was essential to looking and feeling good. As I got older I started looking up to Johnny deep and Brad Pitt because of the way they carried themselves.

ACG: What keeps you motivated?

JS: My family.  I have two beautiful children and a wife. My family motivates me and I love knowing that I can provide from them.

ACG: Tell us about your personal style?

JS: A great pair of vintage boots and vintage Levis jeans is all I need.  My style is all about staying young and current.  I really love the shorts by Band of Outsiders. Also I’m a hat guy, if you don’t see my hair in a bun I’m wearing a hat.  I’m a big fan of Gunner Foxx, he’s the guy who makes the hats Pharrell’s been wearing lately.

ACG: How’s 2014 shaping up for you?

JS: You know, I’m so grateful that my business is constantly growing.  I just had Robert Patterson come to my house to get his hair a few weeks ago.  I will be working Jonah Hill as he does press for 22 Jump Street as well as Hugh Jackson for X-Men: Days of Future Past.  I love what I’m doing and I’m excited to see what this year has in store for me.

ACG: Have you ever had a bad hair experience with a client?

JS: I wouldn’t say I’ve had a bad hair experience, but I did grow from hitting rock bottom with drugs and alcohol. I was bankrupt mentally and spiritually from it, but I turned my life and I’ve been clean for 10 years now. I put those negative things aside, focused on what I love,  and now I feel incredible.

ACG: What words of wisdom would you have for someone reading this who’s looking to find his or her purpose?

JS: I would say, life is short and that we need to take care of ourselves. Realize you have so much to offer to this world. What ever you love to do make you show up for it and work hard at it. Also love yourself and others.

Connect With Jason: Website || Facebook || Twitter  || Instagram

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