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4 Fool-Proof, Fast & Easy Tips to Styling Your Hair in Under a Minute

    Practically every man I know doesn’t want to invest ANY time in styling his hair, but if I can guarantee it will take less than a minute, than it’s a go, right? Jason Schneidman, stylist extraordinaire, the Dove Men+Care hair expert and “The Men’s Groomer” has four tips/ways to style your hair that will be hard to pass up, since they don’t require a high level of skill or much product for that matter.
    See below for Jason’s recommendations:
  • Mess it Up and Go: The Gatsby look is so 2013. Try an edgy, messy look by using a dime-sized amount of matte styling paste with medium hold to simply refine your natural hairstyle. Make sure your hair is at least 80% dry. Use your fingers to massage the paste through all of your hair to create some volume (don’t be afraid to go big!), and then gently pat it down.
  • Quick Flip: Instead of blow drying your entire head, get some time back by letting it air dry and then only blow out the front section with a small round brush, such as my signature Men’s Groomer brush. The brush will help you quickly straighten and flip up the front of your hair, and it’ll give you more volume and make you look polished in an instant. Check out the look I did for Rob Lowe at the Golden Globes for an example of this handsome, but easy technique!
  • Keep it Clean:  The first step to great hair is in the wash; it’s the best foundation to work with!  I like the Dove Men+Care’s Fresh Clean 2-in-1—which cleans with caffeine and menthol to wash away any dirt or grease—and is proven to make hair three times stronger.  It’s also a major time saver, which I am always in favor of.  I recommend my clients wash with it the night before a big event because a) you’ll have more time to get ready day of, and b) your hair will have a little bit of build-up and volume in it so it’ll be a good foundation to start your styling process, but it’ll still be clean.
  • Man Bun”: Take a hint from some of the best looking guys like Jared Leto and Chris Hemsworth and embrace the man bun – it’s here to stay, and I even wore one on my wedding day! The style is effortlessly cool and takes less than a minute. If you’ve got the length, all you need to do is use your hands to pull your hair back high and loose for a slightly messy look. The great thing about this look is that it works on any kind of hairand is an easy quick-fix when you are running on a tight schedule.

More About Jason: Jason cuts hair at the Chris McMillan Salon in Beverly Hills and is known for his slick styling and sharp grooming for the red carpet, press events, ad campaigns, and editorial work. He recently launched a namesake hair brush made specifically for men in collaboration with Ibiza Hair.  To further establish him as “The Men’s Groomer,” Jason has also partnered with Dove Men+Care on their line of hair products designed specifically for men, coining him as an authority on men’s grooming.

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